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Our Alesi family for four generations has a relationship of odi et amo with the vineyard, the story of Terre Chiare is inextricably intertwined with these identities. The first generation of winegrowers is born from my Bis grandfather Giuseppe Alesi who forms the foundations of everything, with the second generation that has as the main exponent Grandfather Vincenzo, begins to experiment with new techniques of cultivation aimed at a higher yield of the product and thanks to this the company grows considerably both in extension and production, the third generation consolidates and innovates the work of the previous two thanks to my father Giuseppe who is the agronomist of the company. The fourth generation : in 2016 thanks to the great contribution made by Marc de Grazia who makes available his knowledge and his cellar, we experience some microvinifications of our grapes, to fully understand the potential, subsequently given the considerable appreciation found, we decide to wine and market first our Catarratto and then the remaining varieties.

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