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Cru from our Native Vines

A viticulture to safeguarding and rediscovering our ancient native varieties which in the best contexts, such as the orographic and climatic ones of our vineyards, can express their potential in an excellent way. We cultivate and vinify only our indigenous vines. At 500 meters above sea level our Cru of Catarratto is born, 2 hectares lapping the Baronia reserve which as a caring mother refreshes it in hot periods and protects it during the winter, all this sublimates our wine giving elegance and a mineral note out of the ordinary. At 350 meters sliding downstream, there are the oldest vineyards of the “40 years” company, we carefully select the best bunches, reducing the yields as much as possible, about one bottle per vine and cold macerating these Catarratto grapes, we obtain Serendipity . Moving towards Segesta at 400 meters above sea level, our Nero d’Avola vineyard was born, the strong temperature changes in this area enhance its gustatory and sensorial notes. Last but not least, we vinify Perricone, a variety reevaluated thanks to the latest scientific research which highlights a very high percentage of polyphenols “beneficial substances for health”, 3 hectares of authentic indigenous red with truly singular hints that reflect the most ancestral identity of the Alcamese countryside.

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